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Tourist or Visitors Visas

The category of visa required for travel to the United States is primarily determined by the purpose of the travel.  A person traveling for tourism (including visits to friends or relatives) requires a “B2” tourist visa.   Please note that a single visa can be a “B1/B2” visa, valid for travel for either tourist or business purposes.  Please see additional information about tourist visas.

To qualify for a B2 Tourist Visa, applicants must demonstrate:

  • that they are planning to travel for legitimate tourist purposes,
  • that they have sufficient funds to undertake the trip, and
  • that they have strong ties to their home sufficient to compel them to return to that home after a short trip to the U.S.  (for example, permanent regular employment, essential family obligations, etc.) 

In certain cases, a person may seek a B2 visa in order to get medical care in the United States.  This requires additional documentation. 

For information regarding denials of visitors visas, see Visa Denials.