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Crew Members in Transit

The following persons require a C1/D visa: pilots, air hostesses, stewards, seamen or employees on board a ship whose services are required for normal operation, or crew members traveling to the U.S. as passengers to join a vessel or aircraft.

When crewmembers are transiting for more than 29 days in U.S. waters, they require a B1/B2 visa. However, crew with C1/D visas have the best opportunity of obtaining a B1/B2 visa by applying in their home country.

Forms/Procedures: Each application requires a passport, application form (DS-156), a DS-157 (for all males from age 16 through 45), and a work contract or letter from the employer.

Both C1/D and B1/B2 visas should preferably be requested in an applicant’s home country.These visas can be renewed in Nassau if an applicant’s documentation is in order.