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Visas For Children

NOTE:  The U.S. Embassy in Nassau will no longer be accepting Monday and Tuesday drop off of visa applications for minors. 

Most applicants are required to appear in person at the Consular Section to apply for a U.S. visa. However, applicants under 14 and 80 or over applying for a Visitor Visa (B1/B2) may be qualified to apply without appearing in person at the Consular Section.

How it works:

Any applicant under 14 or 80 or over applying for a visa may use the official visa services website (or the Telephone Service) to select the special Age Requirement - Personal Appearance Waiver (B1/B2) trip purpose to pay the MRV fee and send in their application package via courier, at no additional charge. Qualifying applicants may use this option for a Visitor Visa application only. Additionally, the applicant must reside in and be physically present in The Bahamas or Turks and Caicos Islands.

Important Courier NoteApplicants resident in The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands but living on islands other than New Providence or Grand Bahama must make their own arrangements for the delivery of the application package to the Embassy via courier.  Please include a pre-paid self-addressed envelope in the package for the return of the documents. All documents should be sent to #42 Queen Street, P.O. Box N-8197, Nassau, The Bahamas. Please note, however, that the MRV fee must still be paid through the official visa services website.

Please also note that we are unable to receive applications through the courier method from individuals residing outside of our consular district (The Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands).

Additional Documents Required:

In addition to the standard documents required for each visa type, all application packages must include:

  • Valid passport or travel document of the applicant with at least six months validity
  • DS-160 confirmation sheet (with barcode)
  • A recent passport-size photo of the applicant
  • Printed confirmation page obtained from this website, which will be available after you pay the MRV fee and complete the website flow.

Additional documents required for applicants under 14:

  • Birth Certificate of the minor and, if applicable, official court documents demonstrating legal guardianship of the applicant.
  • If the birth parents are still married and the birth certificate reflects the marriage, then either parent may submit their passport with a valid U.S. Visa.
  • If the birth parents are were unmarried at the time of the child’s birth, please see below for more information about the required documentation.
  • If the child is in the custody of a legal guardian then the legal guardian must provide the court document evidencing their custody of the child as well as their passport with the valid U.S. visa.

Please note that Bahamian law gives parental rights to a child born out-of-wedlock only to the mother. The father, even if named on the birth certificate, can acquire parental rights to that child only if he subsequently marries the child's mother or if a court legally grants him those rights.

Therefore, a visa application for a child born out-of-wedlock in The Bahamas must be accompanied by either:

  • The mother's passport containing a valid U.S. visa; or
  • The father's passport containing a valid U.S. visa, the child's birth certificate identifying him as the father, and either a marriage certificate showing the father subsequently married the child's mother or a court order granting him legal parental rights.

Note- If the parent's/guardian's name on their visa does not match that on the child's birth certificate/court order, the parent/guardian must also present documentation demonstrating that they are the same person.

First time applicants should also provide:

  • Job Letter of Parent/Legal Guardian listing parent’s salary and number of years worked for the employer
  • For non-Bahamian or non-TCI citizens Only: A Copy of Work Permit, Permanent Residence Permit or Resident Spouse Permit

Are you a family applying for visas together?

Family members who do not meet the interview exemption requirements as outlined above must appear in person for their appointment. They may bring the “under 14” or “80 or over” applicant’s visa application package with them to submit at their interview, instead of using the Age Requirement - Personal Appearance Waiver (B1/B2) trip purpose. Please keep in mind that all family members should be scheduled together in the appropriate trip purpose.